A.D. Rattray Distilleries

The Loss

Like numerous other similar distilleries in the early 1920's, Stronachie was closed down and around 1930 dismantled. Today there is little evidence of where the distillery once stood except for a small area of low stone walls. The story of Stronachie doesn’t end here however ...

The Revival

Matched to a distillery that reflected the style, character and flavour of that original malt. We feel that the Stronachie 12yo Single Highland Malt of today has in its character the heritage of a bygone age and as near as possible reflects the style and elegance of the Lost Distillery.


Double Gold - 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


"I have a vague family connection with the original Stronachie Distillery. Good to see the name back. A good aperitif." - Dave Broom (Whisky Magazine)


Winner - Bottling of the Year 2008 by Scottish Field Magazine


Nose: Initial whiffs of sour dough elapse to form a back bone of spiced fruit flavours. Apples and raisins. Perhaps some pear drops. Pronounced and quite sweet with the addition of water.

Taste: Firm and well rounded. Medium to full bodied with good depth of flavour. Spicy and invigorating. Spiced fruit cake with an abundance of raisins. Cinnamon and cloves. Sweet woody notes and prominent peat smoke evolve in the mouth to leave a drying aftertaste.

Finish: Great length on the finish . Peaty aftertaste. Very appetizing.